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Cityhopper Europe

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After the big succes of Cityhopper 2012, which has reached over 175.000+ views, the Cityhopper crew is working on even bigger project: “Cityhopper Europe” which will be released later this year. Here is a recap of the 10 best trick preformed in the Cityhopper Holland video. Enjoy!

Documentary: CITYHOPPER+

CITYHOPPER is a video project starring Dutch Rollerblader Sven Boekhorst. All in the name of testing out his new Rollerblade SB Pro skate.

With his customized ramp Sven performed stunts on highly recognizable touristic locations in the Netherlands, such as the Red Light District and the Dam Square in Amsterdam, as well as many other famous landmarks in the Netherlands.

The Cityhopper. Destroys non-skateable spots with ease and finesse!

Full report about the CITYHOPPER Project on Be-Mag.


Skatevideo: CITYHOPPER



CITYHOPPER is a video project starring Sven Boekhorst. This project features a documentary part, CITYHOPPER+, and a hardcore skatepart. All in the name of testing out the new SB pro model skate by Rollerblade. The test started small but evolved into a big project with several stunts in different cities. Sven did stunts on highly recognizable locations like the Dam Square and the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, and at the PSV stadium in Eindhoven.

Sven Boekhorst

In 2000 he won the first place at the three most prestigious events in inline skating: the Gravity Games, the X-Games and the ASA Pro Tour World Championships. Brought up on the vert ramp of a small town in the south of Holland, Sven started competing around on 1995 on a local level, qualified pro in 1998 and never stopped winning since.

He is the only skater to this day to win what could be called the tripple crown of Rollerblading: in 2000 he won the first place at the three most prestigious events in inline skating: the Gravity Games, the X-games and the ASA Pro Tour World Champion ships.He won more first places than any other competitor in his field and his amazing fluid lines and consistency make him a feare competotir at any contest.

Another thing that really sets him apart from the crowd is is uncanny ability to skate street courses and vert ramps with equal amounts of style, speed and technicality. He competes in both disciplines, where most skaters specialize in one. This is another reason why Sven consistently places high in overall rankings

Video Game
Sven Boekhorst is the first Dutchman to receive his very own character in a video game, Acclaims video game “aggressive Inline”. released June 2002 features a Sven character that looks and skates just like Sven does.

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